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Yes, it’s happening again and 1 week into the project, I have 6 Twitter followers who have already entered a plot for me to write a flash fiction story for them! And for the world to read for FREE!

Wait, what? What am I talking about?! You don’t know? What the hell is RESTRICTED AREA 2? Well, let me explain, fellow reader!

RESTRICTED AREA is my book collection of flash fiction short stories. Flash fiction stories (aka super short stories) are original stories that have a word count of 2000 words or less. Micro flash fiction are stories that are 500 words or less. Each flash fiction story plot comes from one of my real Twitter followers and I write the story for them, posting up the story for FREE for the world to read & enjoy on (FREE, that is, until the finished book is released on

This is an edited blog posting about my first RESTRICTED AREA project on 12-1-2012:

I wanted to do a project for a long time coming that was a true challenge to my writing ability. But challenging yourself is a lot like disciplining yourself: there is too much grey area to fail. I did a contest of and participated in a restricted word count short story contest about a very vague plot that was provided for you. I had 300 words to write about a woman who found something of great importance in her glove box. I Had A Ball With This Contest! It was the challenge I was looking for. I didn’t place in the top 10, but I truly didn’t mind: I had my new concept to be challenged.

I sent invites to every single one of my Twitter followers and my Facebook followers. The invite had the title of the book: RESTRICTED AREA and a link (which is provided below) to the sight where the guidelines are. I wanted fresh new original concepts from everyday people and a word count of their own; and I would have to write a short story based off their short story plot and using only their word count. Their plot & @Twittername, would be in the book, too, to where readers can find them and Follow them, too. For me to write a story from their plot not only helps me better my writing but I have the change to make their creative idea a fully created story come to life.

The concept of RESTRICTED AREA has one basic theme: restriction. The “restriction” folds in many different ways. The person sending me the plot can only use 1 Tweet, restricting them to 140 characters to tell their plot. I am restricted as a writer to only use their restricted word count. Each plot I have to write, regardless of what the plot is, has to have a sense of a restriction; via a place, or an addiction, or a hesitation, or a feeling, or a moral. Everyone and everything in or about this novel is all based on some kind of restriction. Hence: RESTRICTED AREA.

This is the link to RESTRICTED AREA: (The finished product contains a ton of extras including all 10 flash fiction stories, the story, a short story that I had written that I mused as an online contest for ALL online readers to enter a title for the story, all traffic, each Twitter follower, all their plots-comments-postings, and a very generous blog post from fellow Twitter friend and The Walking Dead fanatic: Alexis Jenny @lexisjen via Twitter.)

There is no deadline to submit a plot but I do have just a few “restrictions” (LOL) when submitting. 1) One submittion per Twitter follower. If you have more than one account, then you can submit again using your other account 2) The plot must be in 1 DM (Direct Message) Tweet only. 3) The word count limit must be between 200 and 1000 words, in 50 intrivals. (200, 250, 300…900, 950, 1000) Send me your plot via Direct Message on Twitter: @Jason_D_Bryant

If you would like to have a flash fiction story written for you or have any other question, feel free at any time via Twitter! I’d love to hear from you!

Til next time…


The YMCA. Local restaurants like Pizza Hut. Convenience stores, such as 7-11 and Dairy Mart. Laundromats. The airport.  Hobby shops. The Mall. The entrances to superstores like Hills, Ames, or Wal-Mart. Once, long ago, they were everywhere! I’m talking about what each of these places once had in common: Arcades!

They were everywhere parents needed to be! And the kids told the parents, “We’ll wait for you by the arcade!” mesmerized by games that could never be conquered by a lone quarter. Yet, we tried anyway. Some of us begged for quarters, others mowed lawns in the neighborhood just to crack the High Score that could have been made by your best friend.

(However, I do recall a lot of High Scorer’s initials being A.S.S., which was weird! Must be a big family…!)

Anyway, many of us remember first true popular single consoles like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, & Centipede.  As the years went on, the machines grew bigger and fancier, like Rootbeer Tapper & Slalom, that themed themselves like the game with large fancy displays instead of the traditional erect rectangle. Then came The Wheel controller that powered your vehicle: Spy Hunter, Super Sprint, & Off Road. All these video game consoles were also high up and standing.

That began to change…

Driving games, such as Hard Driving & S.T.U.N.N.E.R. began to have models to where you actually sat down! These games were amazing, for playing made you really a part of the game experience. But the arcade world would enhance to moving seat games, like Afterburner!

But something happened; an idea was created! Why should arcade games be limited to 2 people?

Games such as Golden Axe, Gauntlet, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began to evolve, taking a screen the size of Afterburner and putting 4 joysticks and 8 buttons in front of it brought new life to the stand up consoles. Quickly there after, the large screen was replaced by duel screens, expanding the game experience to wide screen, such as X-Men.

But two buttons was still not enough.

Emerged from the arcade geniuses came legends such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, & Killer Instinct: fighting games that used combos from 5 buttons to, but limited to, 7 buttons to execute gory special effects. And with these tournament style games came a barrage of sports games that blew away the competition with multiple buttons, large screens, and growing crowds such as NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, & Golden Tee!

However, back in the dusty realm of the arcades still sat the legends of the arcade creation, and not just Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, & Sinistar, but Pinball machines! Horizontal rectangular games with amazing special features, unique ball shooters, and orange dot matrix screens to give the game theme new life!

Crowds began to draw near to every make and model of console that erupted into an existence of its own: The Arcade.

Thanks to the Almighty Quarter, the arcade universe as unstoppable! Quarters flew in and out of machines faster than kids were losing pinball games thanks to the creation of the Multi-Ball feature! Inside any arcade, you would hear the latest pop songs, the buzzing of basketball games, the losing of characters as they’d fall of the screen to their deaths, kids laughing, even the sounds of kids dancing on  huge platforms to see who, by points, could dance better to horrible music! The arcade universe was alive!

But not for much longer…

Game creations turned to consoles. Consoles turned to tournaments. Tournaments turned to home units, such as Nintendo & Sega. Arcades began to shrink as home units matured into the Super Nintendo & Playstation. Consoles began to disappear, along with the stores that used to house them. The arcade universe shrunk smaller and faster than the popularities of the Neo-Geo & Dreamcast. X-Box crawled out of the ashes and Playstation 2 battled for supremacy as the GameCube held onto Mario like a fat kid with his last donut.

The realm of the arcade shriveled down even further with the overwhelming popularity of the Playstation 3, X-Box 360, and the Nintendo Wii. The arcade universe turned to a realm of darkness and despair.  The realm is now a wasteland of crane games, cheesy Big Bertha games, and useless ticket contest games to where you actually win paper tickets for pathetic prizes that you wouldn’t spend real money on!

The wasteland has turn to myth. The myth of arcades has turned to legend.

Kids today think an arcade is a place that has 3 video games inside a motel or in the back of a shoe store. No, an arcade used to thrive, live, breathe, and enlighten the greatest of gamers of all ages. There is rumor of a place called Dave & Busters that has what an arcade used to be like, but I’m sure that is just a myth to turn to legend, too, one day.

(Okay, I’ve had my fun! Today I was tweeting about the pros and cons of going to or being at an arcade! I hope you enjoy and got a good laugh. If you laughed hard, I know your age! 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope you can relate to the tweets below!)

You wanted to go to #PizzaHut for dinner just so you could play & eat at the arcade tables! Yessss! #ArcadeHeaven

You go to the arcade empty-handed but you find a few dropped quarters under the consoles! Yesss! #ArcadeHeaven

You intentionally TILT! the pinball machine someone’s playing on cause they’re gonna beat your High Score! #ArcadeHeaven

You discover that if you turn off the arcade game & turn it back on, sometimes you get a free game! Yesss! #ArcadeHeaven

You have no money. You check all the games & find a pinball machine with credits left! FREE GAME! Yessss! #ArcadeHeaven

You’re watching another kid play a game and he says to you, ”Here, finish my game! I gotta go!” Yesss! #ArcadeHeaven

You only have $0.25 and you discover someone else has already put $0.25 into a $0.50 game! Yesss! #ArcadeHeaven

Your favorite 4-Player arcade game has 2 screens; one is perfect but the other is badly distorted! Noooo! #ArcadeHell

You’re playing Gauntlet with 3 other players & everyone is stuck, thanks to the Red Transports! Noooo! #ArcadeHell

You got the High Score after spending $3.00 on 1 game just to have it erased when they shut it off! Noooo! #ArcadeHell

Your $0.25 doesn’t register and gets stuck! And worse, the red square COIN RETURN button is jammed! Noooo! #ArcadeHell

You only have $0.50 left to use. Your favorite game is $0.50 but one coin is a CANADIAN QUARTER? Nooooo! #ArcadeHell

You find a driving game & sit down in the seat. You insert $0.25 and you discover THE PEDAL’S BROKE! Noooo! #ArcadeHell

You insert $0.25 into the game & begin to play when you discover YOUR ‘SHOOT’ BUTTON DOESN’T WORK! Noooooo! #ArcadeHell

You pick up the gun controller & insert $0.25. The game begins as you discover THE LASER IS WAY OFF! Nooooo! #ArcadeHell

‘INSERT COIN’ flashes on the screen. You insert your last $0.25. Then is flashes: ‘1/2 INSERT COIN’ Noooooo! #ArcadeHell

(Oh, and one more things…)

On #arcade games, why did the WINNERS DON’T DO DRUGS screen picture ‘Only’ show up ‘After’ you lost? #MixedMessages

Comedy…either you can write it or you can’t; there is no grey area.

In my professional writing opinion, it is the hardest genre to write. If you were in a room by yourself for an entire year, completely cutoff from the world, and you tried to write comedy, your mind would have to venture deep into your psyche to recall previous embarrassing moments in life, funny things ‘other’ people have said, or just that goofy person you knew that could crack a joke at any second. Right?

A lot of comedy is portrayed from physical pain, via The Three Stooges, South Park, America’s Funniest Home Video’s, & not to go outdated but The Keystone Cops. It’s not the pain that makes us laugh, but like everything else, it’s the reactions. Same as if someone said something off color, absurd, unintended racism, or just plain old off-the-wall random left-of-the-ballpark weird. It’s the reactions to others that is the laughable of the funny.

Westerns, Horror, Comedy, Action, Drama; they’re all the same in one aspect: it’s the character(s) that make us cry, laugh, excited, or afraid. We can relate to a hero, or a vigilante, or a person in a comedy movie that is the butt of each joke. That’s what make stories so great: they are relatable!

Below is a character that I created after thinking about how to make something disturbingly serious into something comical. I’ve said it before: comedy is not my strong suit, but I like to flex my funny bone now and then, just so it doesn’t become completely worthless. These are tweets from me about a man who is trying to commit suicide and keeps messing up each attempt:


I tried to kill myself by jumping out of a window 30 times! (FYI: Basement windows don’t work…) #StupidSuicidalist

I tied a brick to my ankle & I’m sitting in the pool’s deep end! (I wish these kiddies would leave!) #StupidSuicidalist

I just swallowed an entire bottle of pills! (However, these Flintstone Vitamins taste really good!) #StupidSuicidalist

Overdosing on this container of mushrooms will kill me! (Awe damnit! They put peppers on the pizza!) #StupidSuicidalist

I just found the perfect plastic bag to suffocate myself with! (Gotta take out the grapes first…) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m at The Running Of The Bulls to die! (…but the Chicago referees are kicking me off the court!) #StupidSuicidalist

My wife’ll kill me after I confess I cheated 15 years ago! (She says she still sleeps with my Dad!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m gonna shoot guns on the White House lawn! That’ll work! (Awe Man! They’re doing fireworks NOW?!) #StupidSuicidalist

Got myself 3 cases of O’Dules! Time to die the fun way: drunk! (Oh yeah, this will work for sure!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m downtown in the bad section throwing up the wrong gang signs! (Why are people calling me Spock?) #StupidSuicidalist

Watch! I’m gonna go up and slap that raging bull! (Bartender says it only works if you sit on it…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Desperate measures! I’m lying still on the railroad tracks! (Hope I don’t break my son’s train set!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’ve tied the noose knot tight & I’m jumping off the chair! (…I forgot to loop it around my neck!) #StupidSuicidalist

Goodbye world! I’m sticking 2 knives in the outlet! (Oh yeah….I forgot, they cut off my power…) #StupidSuicidalist

I’ve a hose to the exhaust of my car taped to the inside of the window! (Good thing I have a Hybrid!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m on the front lawn with a metal antenna awaiting for lightning! (Wish the snow would go away…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Chop my face with this axe! Here! *THUNK* (Dude! You dented my Mom’s body spray can! I’m in trouble!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m in westside Detroit wearing a cowboy hat & boots! (Apparently no one here in Detroit, TX cares!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’d headbutt a unicorn if I could! (But if I mess up my daughters stuffed animals, she’ll hit me!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to venture through this cave blindfolded! (WOW! IT’S FREEZING IN HERE! Do I smell beer?!) #StupidSuicidalist

Yes, I do have ALL the Suicidal Tendencies! (They’re my sister’s CD’s. I prefer Michael Bolton!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to crash the gate & kick that Wild Stallion! *BING!* (OWE! GODDAMN MERRY-GO-ROUND POLE…!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m sneaking up & going to punch that polar bear! *WHAM!* (Crap, I cut my hand on that Coke bottle!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to rush the crowd, jump in that ring, & bitch-slap Mike Tyson! (…after I beat Glass Joe!) #StupidSuicidalist

I plugged in the radio, filled up the tub, & threw the radio in! (Should I be in the water, too…?) #StupidSuicidalist

Ah-ha! Electrocution by a car battery will kill me! (but I can’t get the AA’s out of this toy car…) #StupidSuicidalist

I bought a gun without a permit, loaded it, & I’m firing at my head! (…and shot water into my ear!) #StupidSuicidalist

That’s it! Forget it! I’m slitting my wrists! (Damn! These butter knives are dull as hell…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Hope you had a chuckle or two! I wrote them for two reasons: 1: to hopefully make someone laugh in the Twitter Universe. 2: I was pondering how to develop this character for a future story, if at all possible. I was successful in both enough to make a person RT a few of them and I got my short story plot for this bumbling man!

Metaphoric Writing Lesson of this blog: In order to make a great snowman, you need to begin with just a simple small snowball. Roll that snowball around for a while. Before you know it, you’ll have your base. Throw around another snowball for a while and find your center. The rest of the snowman is easy detailing work, and before you know it. you are staring at your creation!

Til’ Next Time…

The dreaded “Box”! We all know it, we all have heard about it, yet no one can see it or feel it or touch it! And, yet, we’re all warned about it! Teachers, professors, friends, colleges, co-workers, supervisors, ; they all tell us to “Think outside it” when ever we’re looking for advice, ideas, or solutions to problems. But what IS “The Box”?

Inside the 4 walls of “The Box” contains a horrendous, visceral creature! It goes by hundreds of names from multiple cultures over thousands of years: The Typical, The Everyday, The Usual…but the most common word for this menace? The Norm! (dun-dun-duaaa!)

There is a way to free yourself from the clutches of this nightmarish existence. People, everyday, are gripped by its vicious, talon-like claws and are forced to think, or create, or visualize with its powerful mind-control ability of In-Sync! Here are a few ways and examples to never get caught on the blind side by this demented and frustrated adversary:

#1 Twist the facts: We carefully peel and eat bananas, yes? The sound of human skin ripping and tearing is stomach churning, true? If you’re thinking of doing an unusual horror/sci-fi story, then twist the facts! What if a world of living bananas shopped for other living species of animals & humans, and a banana would grab a human off the shelf, peal him four ways, and devour him without a careless thought about the life being lost? It’s weird, bizarre, and completely out of The Box’s grip!

#2 Write what you wouldn’t say out loud: You’re driving with your grandparents in the car. While at a light, there is a severely overweight man on the corner waiting to cross. He’s sweating profusely and his shorts are like his socks: way too high. As he passes past your car, he farts. You can’t wait to burst out laughing, but you won’t because of your grandparents reactions to your lack of respect. You now have a character or a scene to use in your comedy work!


#3 Opposite the obvious: Statues don’t move, mirrors are exactly what we see in reverse, speakers exspell sound, clouds are in the sky, all cars use gas, you read books, tables have legs that don’t move, etc. Well? Opposite the obvious! Statues can move, mirrors reflect what we can’t see, speakers listen to sounds, clouds are underwater, alternative fuels, books read you, tables can walk, etc. The possibilities are endless!

We have seen a great deal of authors, singers, songwriters, directors, and other creative people escape the creature in “The Box”. Horror & Sci-Fi stories are great examples, such as cowboy stories that take place in space. Action & Romances are wonderful additions, too, like a married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary when the church is overrun by FBI agents. How about the music industry? Who would have though two men who rap about being serial killer clowns who work the judgemental missions from God for over 20 years?!

They say, “Everything has already been done, just tweeked or redone.” For those who are not enslaved by “The Box”, we disagree!

– Til next time

Have you asked yourself these questions or made these excuses:

“I don’t know what to write!” “I can’t think of anything good!” “I want to write this story but will anyone care for it?” “Is this going to be a great seller or will it be a waste of my time?” “Oh, I am so suffering for writers block!” “I want everyone to like this story but know one knows me.” “Am I good enough to write?”

I have an opinion on each one of these questions, concerns, and comments that bring down each and every author, famous and unknown. There is a solution to every writer’s block case, for each person who wishes to write but fear stops them, and for every shred of self-doubt that all artists have. And here it is:

Write for the audience of YOU!

There is an old politican quote, “Fling enough bullshit on the barn wall, and eventually something will stick.” This technique actually works but this is for desperate people who are seeking an audience. Being an author or an artist of self expression, this should never be the case. George Lucas didn’t make Star Wars for an audience of a grandscale, and 20th Century FOX didn’t see it going anywhere at all, ever. (That’s why they let him keep ALL the rights!) He did it because it was the story he enjoyed and he wanted to tell. And look how history & the world has changed because of one man’s simple story that became a universal phenominan!

George Lucas, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, Eli Roth, Wes Craven, R.L. Stein, Stephenie Meyer, James Cameron, Steven Speilberg, Stan Lee, Oscar Wilde, H.G. Wells, Dav Pikley, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Patterson, William Peter Blatey, Margaret Mitchell, Ray Bradbury, & Gene Roddenberry: every single one these artists/writers had a simple idea and wrote what they enjoyed reading about, dreaming about, thinking about, or just plain had an interest in the topic. (History did the rest.)

The same should go for YOU, the writer. If the topic or genre or inspiration is enough for you to say, “Hhmmm?”, then that is where it begins. Just the interest in the story alone is the fuel that begins the artists’s fire of involvement & dedication. In Laymen’s terms: write what you would enjoy reading, create would you would enjoy seeing.

However, there is one more step in this process of easing your mind, and this is a key important factor: write what you know! If you are a die-hard racing fan and you wish to write a book, I wouldn’t recommend writing a fictional novel about some villiage civil war in 17th century China! If you are a fun-lover of cartoon & childrens books and you wish to write a children’s story, i wouldn’t recommend doing a thesis on the mind of Adolph Hilter & how Play-Doh was invented; and how they nsync! Write a story based off racing. If you have a fear and want to write a scary story, write what you fear. No one knows more about you and your interests than YOU!

In closing to this advise in self help, I leave you with a quote that many claim, both fictional & non-fictional but nonetheless, it’s a great line (…and I wish I really knew who said it first):

“Don’t be a great man, just be a man. Let history make its own judgements.”

Til next time-

Yes, I am a DIEHARD FridayThe13th / Jason Voorhees fanatic! Movies, posters, collectables, books, comics, soundtracks, autographs from actors/actresses: I have a huge amount of the whole shebang! My wife and I in 2005 even married in March on FridayThe13th, which she agreed to just for me! (That’s love, people!) LOL

My FridayThe13th this year was hectic (first time ever!) and I was trying to put myself in a goofy mood to ease my frustrations of the workday. While texting my older brother, we started making our after work FridayThe13th plans, which movies to watch, which pics to put on our phones, etc. Now, as an author, comedy isn’t my strong suit, but I started making FridayThe13th jokes with him via texting and I started to make myself laugh.

Before I knew it, the night was over, work was done, and I had written over 30 FridayThe13th jokes as if the movies were real and they were taking place with kids/teens/councelors today. These are all the FridayThe13th jokes, all original, written by me; some influenced from my older brother. (Thanks bro!)

I hope, if you are a FridayThe13th fan, you have at least one good laugh. Enjoy!


TeenB: When I see Jason, I’ll shoot him in the balls!

Kid: Before or after he stabs you in the face?


My ugly girlfriend wore a burlap sack til I stole Jason’s mask for her. Now she can breathe better!


Boy: Get Outta The Water! Jason’s Coming!



Boy: Told ya.


TeenB: Jason can’t find you up in a tree! Climb!

TeenG: Prove it!

TeenB: Okay! Stay down here and wait!




Counselor: WHERE?!

Boy: Geez! It’s just my missing goldfish!



Girl: I see Goldie in the water!

Counselor: Your fish?

Girl: No, my missing twin sister!


TeenB: Let’s screw in the Tiny Tot’s cabin! They’re still dead in there and Jason never backtracks!


Counselor: I’ll protect you! I don’t do drugs, drink, swear, or have sex!

(All the kids point & laugh)


Girl: Jason killed her with a cinder block, sir.

Cop: Are you sure?

Boy: Yes, we have concrete evidence!


Counselor: Don’t worry kids, I’m a virgin. Jason won’t kill me.

BOY: Wow! I guess nobody wants you!


TeenG: You’re safe with me kids. I’m a virgin.

TeenB: But…



Boy: Jason sees US! Trick him!

Girl: How?

Boy: Act handicap, like Helen Keller, Quasimodo, or Snookie!


TeenG: No, we’re not having sex by the lake!

TeenB: Jason won’t interfere! He doesn’t kill ugly chicks!


Brother: If Jason killed me at camp, what would you do?

Sister: I’d tell Mom I get your room!


TeenG: Ssh! Jason’s coming!

TeenB: Flash your boobs!

TeenG: What’ll that do?!

TeenB: Give me a boner!


Boy: Has Jason ever killed anyone by using a hockey stick?

Girl: He’s not Canadian, you R-Tard!


Girl: I’m Scared! I Wish My Mom Was Here!

Boy: To protect you?

Girl: No! So Jason’d kill her & not me!


Boy: Who could kill Jason faster – Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Jet Li?

Chuck Norris Jr.: My Dad!


Counselor shouting: JASON! YOU’RE MAMA’S SO STUPID, SHE’S…

Kids: Oh hell no! We’re outta here!


Counselor Fighting Jason: I’m gonna poke’ur eye out & skull fuck it, cause it looks like grandmas cunt!


Boy finds Jason’s Mask & puts it on to scare girls.

Boy1: GGRRR!

Boy2: You found his cup, you dumbass!


Counselor: Okay kids, if you see Jason, what do you do?

Kids: Push’r ass down & run the other way!


Girl: OMG, He’s Killing Her! Quick! Call 9-1-1! HURRY!

Boy: Can’t You See I’m Busy YouTubing This?!


Kid1: He’s Real! Shit, He See’s Us! RUN! OMG RUN!

Kid2: No wait, hold up a minute! I gotta tweet this!


Jason, mumbling behind his mask at a handicap kid: I used to look just like you once!



Girl: I bet Jason wears a mask ’cause his skin glitters in the sunlight, like Edward. BoyToGirl: SLAP!


Kid1: I bet when Jason takes a shit, he grunts like ”Co comm Mmo moonn! Jjjuussstt Sshh Ssh Shhiitt!”


Kid1: If you see Jason, follow him!

Kid2: Why?

Kid1: Wherever Jason goes, theirs bound to be boobs!



Kid2: Quick, dumbass! Throw an Angry Bird at him!


Kid1: SHIT! Jason has an axe! RUN!

Kid2: Well good! He can chop the firewood cause I ain’t doin’ it!


Girl: OMG! JASON KILLED OUR COUNSELOR!! WE’RE GONNA DIE!! (Oh sweet, he left her iPod! I call Dibs!)


Kid: Jason can’t kill me today!

TeenG: What makes you so special?!

Kid: It’s Saturday The 14th, dork!



Sorry everyone, but I’m having a ball making these #FT13thKidsToday Jokes! HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th EVERYONE!

I’m making FT13th jokes to celebrate! (click –> #FT13thKidsToday ) Check them out, hope you laugh!

Any #FridayThe13th fans out there? Click —> #FT13thKidsToday (I was in Joke Mode last night.) Hope you get a good laugh!

Just logged into Twitter via CPU & I’m FLOORED by the #FT13thKidsToday responses!! 🙂 Thank You All So Much!!! 🙂

Til next time–

I have been writing stories as a hobby for years. It was, as some of you know, I began to take it a little more serious during a work trip in New Jersey back in 2002 with the begining work of my first novel BLOODDAY. A year later, I began making plans for future work. By 2005, BLOODDAY was finished, and it sat on the shelf until last year when I published it on Amazon.

From 2002 to 2009, I wrote over 20 outlines for novels and over 100 outlines for short stories. Plots, overdrafts, outlines, and statues for each one were completed, but not more than 4 stories were written. During this time, a new marriage, the birth of my children, and job changes ran my life, and that’s okay with me. Now that life is more stable for me, I’m once again taking my writing to a new level: true publication!

The publication company that I have my target set on is Grit City Publication. With all my research via their website, twitter, Google+, Facebook, and their ebooks currently for sale, I have learned a great deal about this revoluntionary new company that is making the next leap in eReading; Emotobooks. These digital books for the Nook, Kindle, and other electronic reading devises not only offer great stories for readers to enjoy but the illustrations for each story pull the reader into a deep sensation of emotion for not only the characters but the book and it’s author as well.

I feel my stories are exactly up the alley that Grit City Publication is looking for. If emotion is the driving force behind their reading and illustrated ideals, then I am confident in my writing and my goal: to not just be a member of Grit City Publication’s revolution, but to be a frontline soldier; pen in hand! From all I have read, I am very excited, eager, and dedicated to the advancement of this company with my work. What Grit City Publication goal and drive is has encouraged me to be more than just a writer.

I have a lot of anticipation and motivation with this company. Even if my work is rejected, just to be honest from all angles, I will continue to promote, retweet, compliment, forward, +1, and support this revolutionary company any way I can!

I’m running down the track and on the white tape has Grit City Publication written on it. Sweat is in my eyes, my side is killing me, and my lungs are on fire; but, I’ll make it to that finish line.

Til next time–