About The Blogger

I’m as simple as you can get!

I work in warehouseing and have been driving forklifts for almost 15 years but on the side, I’m doing everything possible to become a full time successful published author. Father of 4 and husband of 1, I work as much as I can and write just as much.

I mostly write horror and dark thrillers, but I”m not bound to just this genre. However, I’m bound by one writing format: Short Stories. I absolutely love writing short stories! My novels consist of short story collections that entertwine and interact with one another. For example, if a book is about dogs, all the short stories are about dogs but every story has its own main character, its own plot, its own twist, and its own setting. But, if you read carefully, you’ll find moments and hints about some of the other stories in each story presented.

For over 10 years, I’ve written 2 books, over 100 short story outlines, and have over 10 books in the making. I’ve taken the last 2 years off for the raising of my youngest children but now they’re all in school, It’s time to pick the pen back up and get published.

My career as a successful author begins now. Want to talk, ask me anything, or know more about me? Look me up on Facebook (www.facebook.com/jasondarrellbryant), Klout (klout.com/#/Jason_D_Bryant), Skype (jason_d_bryant), and Twitter (www.twitter.com/Jason_D_Bryant).


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