Blog #23: Experience The Future of eBooks

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Reading


Now, this is a false newspaper clipping that I created specifically for this blog post, but its message is very clear and 100% true! This blog post is a way for me to say what I want to say, how I want to say it, and get the word out on a very important publishing company that I am very honored and proud to be apart of: Grit City Publications! (

I’ve been writing for over 15 years and thanks to Amazon, I am able to post by books online for others to read via eBooks. I have collected countless rejection letters from publishing companies over the years and I admit, when I learned of eBooks, I gave up submitting to publishers. However, as I’ve said in previous posts, one woman names Alexis Jenny, an editor and fellow ‘The Walking Dead’ fan, introduced me to Grit City Publications via Twitter. Every dog has his day and a few days later, I had work submitted and accepted by this company. It was now time to repay the favor.

I give credit to those that do and this is one of those ‘credits’! Below are the eBooks, called Emotobooks, that ONLY Grit City Publications produces! NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD creates this future of eBooks for they are created uniquely! What is an Emotobook? Conceived by Grit City Publications CEO & Founder, Ron Gavalik, are eBooks that heightens emotional awareness in stories. With abstract, emotionally provocative illustrations in each story to depict what characters feel during moments of emotional consequence. These expressive elements provide a cerebral and visual stimulation, which enhances the impact of the experience.

And now, for your entertainment, I proudly present the links to the future of eBooks: Grit City Publication’s Emotobooks!


(Emotoseries) GRIT CITY by: Ron Gavalik


(Emotoseries) SWING ZONE by: Jodi McClure


(Emotoseries) LILY DAIR by: Jack Bates

(Emotosingle) LINGERING IN THE WOODS by : Cynthia Ravinski

(Emotosingle) SUBURBIANS by: William Kosh

(Emotosingle) TABAKA by: Jason D. Bryant

Horror, Romance, Adventure, Thrillers, Mysteries, Fantasy, and last but far from least, Science Fiction; Grit City Publications has them all! Don’t just ‘read’ an Emotobook, ‘experience’ an Emotobook! This style of eBooks is the future and Grit City Publication, a second home to me, is paving the way forward! Enjoy the ride, descend yourselves in the stories, embrace the talented artwork, venture into their website (www.gritcitypublications), and if you wish to be apart of the future, submit your manuscript to them! Maybe even you could help lay down the pavement to widen the road of the future…!

Til next time…


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