Blog #22: Let The Radio Be Your Muse

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Writing, Writing Advice

How many films have you seen that were influences or inspired by video games, or vise-versa? How about book adaptations from television shows or movies? Ever heard of a song written and performed just for the sake of a specific scene in a motion picture? I’ll answer this for you: yes, you have. We all have to the point where, at times, it can be cliché. There is inspiration for everything everywhere for anything, if the right person is there.

And it takes a unique person, no doubt about it. All it takes is for a single person to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or get an emotional response from something, and BAM!, the inspiration is there. But I would like to focus on a special type of inspiration that is not mentioned much. Let me begin by example; an honest to Zeus truth example:

My uncle was a die-hard Beach Boys fan for as long as I ever knew him. Even at his funeral, the Beach Boys was being played. Because of him, I know every song. He was also a dedicated fan of the season Halloween and was widely known for his special effects for various amusement haunted facilities. Years later, I came across a short story by Stephen King in the book SKELETON CREW called Beachworld. It’s a sci-fi thriller about a two man crew who crashes on a planet inhabited only by sand, and something in the sand. Yet, a character in the story is constantly reminded of several Beach Boys lyrics as they go insane. For me, this was a match made in heaven personally between my favorite uncle and my favorite author.

It was here I got to thinking about inspiration: if movies can be made based off video games and book adaptations can be written from television shows, why can’t stories be written based off songs? Maybe, I don’t know, but using the basis from Stephen King’s Beachworld, songs are truly an inspiration for many things. Here are a few more examples:

“Convoy” by CW McCall, 1975; film created in 1978

“Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees, 1977; film created in 1983

“The Wall” by Pink Floyd, 1979; film created in 1982

Nine Inch Nails album “Year Zero”, 2007; television show created in 2010

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, 1967, based off Alice In Neverland

“Among The Living” by Anthrax, 1987, based off of a Stephen King’s The Stand

The question is, what song would you use to influence you into writing the songs sequel, a television series, a manuscript for a film, your own short story, or the next world wide pop cultural best seller?

Til Next Time…


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