Posted: August 12, 2012 in Book Project, Writing

Yes, it’s happening again and 1 week into the project, I have 6 Twitter followers who have already entered a plot for me to write a flash fiction story for them! And for the world to read for FREE!

Wait, what? What am I talking about?! You don’t know? What the hell is RESTRICTED AREA 2? Well, let me explain, fellow reader!

RESTRICTED AREA is my book collection of flash fiction short stories. Flash fiction stories (aka super short stories) are original stories that have a word count of 2000 words or less. Micro flash fiction are stories that are 500 words or less. Each flash fiction story plot comes from one of my real Twitter followers and I write the story for them, posting up the story for FREE for the world to read & enjoy on (FREE, that is, until the finished book is released on

This is an edited blog posting about my first RESTRICTED AREA project on 12-1-2012:

I wanted to do a project for a long time coming that was a true challenge to my writing ability. But challenging yourself is a lot like disciplining yourself: there is too much grey area to fail. I did a contest of and participated in a restricted word count short story contest about a very vague plot that was provided for you. I had 300 words to write about a woman who found something of great importance in her glove box. I Had A Ball With This Contest! It was the challenge I was looking for. I didn’t place in the top 10, but I truly didn’t mind: I had my new concept to be challenged.

I sent invites to every single one of my Twitter followers and my Facebook followers. The invite had the title of the book: RESTRICTED AREA and a link (which is provided below) to the sight where the guidelines are. I wanted fresh new original concepts from everyday people and a word count of their own; and I would have to write a short story based off their short story plot and using only their word count. Their plot & @Twittername, would be in the book, too, to where readers can find them and Follow them, too. For me to write a story from their plot not only helps me better my writing but I have the change to make their creative idea a fully created story come to life.

The concept of RESTRICTED AREA has one basic theme: restriction. The “restriction” folds in many different ways. The person sending me the plot can only use 1 Tweet, restricting them to 140 characters to tell their plot. I am restricted as a writer to only use their restricted word count. Each plot I have to write, regardless of what the plot is, has to have a sense of a restriction; via a place, or an addiction, or a hesitation, or a feeling, or a moral. Everyone and everything in or about this novel is all based on some kind of restriction. Hence: RESTRICTED AREA.

This is the link to RESTRICTED AREA: (The finished product contains a ton of extras including all 10 flash fiction stories, the story, a short story that I had written that I mused as an online contest for ALL online readers to enter a title for the story, all traffic, each Twitter follower, all their plots-comments-postings, and a very generous blog post from fellow Twitter friend and The Walking Dead fanatic: Alexis Jenny @lexisjen via Twitter.)

There is no deadline to submit a plot but I do have just a few “restrictions” (LOL) when submitting. 1) One submittion per Twitter follower. If you have more than one account, then you can submit again using your other account 2) The plot must be in 1 DM (Direct Message) Tweet only. 3) The word count limit must be between 200 and 1000 words, in 50 intrivals. (200, 250, 300…900, 950, 1000) Send me your plot via Direct Message on Twitter: @Jason_D_Bryant

If you would like to have a flash fiction story written for you or have any other question, feel free at any time via Twitter! I’d love to hear from you!

Til next time…


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