Blog #14: Writing Comedy with The Stupid Suicidalist

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Comedy…either you can write it or you can’t; there is no grey area.

In my professional writing opinion, it is the hardest genre to write. If you were in a room by yourself for an entire year, completely cutoff from the world, and you tried to write comedy, your mind would have to venture deep into your psyche to recall previous embarrassing moments in life, funny things ‘other’ people have said, or just that goofy person you knew that could crack a joke at any second. Right?

A lot of comedy is portrayed from physical pain, via The Three Stooges, South Park, America’s Funniest Home Video’s, & not to go outdated but The Keystone Cops. It’s not the pain that makes us laugh, but like everything else, it’s the reactions. Same as if someone said something off color, absurd, unintended racism, or just plain old off-the-wall random left-of-the-ballpark weird. It’s the reactions to others that is the laughable of the funny.

Westerns, Horror, Comedy, Action, Drama; they’re all the same in one aspect: it’s the character(s) that make us cry, laugh, excited, or afraid. We can relate to a hero, or a vigilante, or a person in a comedy movie that is the butt of each joke. That’s what make stories so great: they are relatable!

Below is a character that I created after thinking about how to make something disturbingly serious into something comical. I’ve said it before: comedy is not my strong suit, but I like to flex my funny bone now and then, just so it doesn’t become completely worthless. These are tweets from me about a man who is trying to commit suicide and keeps messing up each attempt:


I tried to kill myself by jumping out of a window 30 times! (FYI: Basement windows don’t work…) #StupidSuicidalist

I tied a brick to my ankle & I’m sitting in the pool’s deep end! (I wish these kiddies would leave!) #StupidSuicidalist

I just swallowed an entire bottle of pills! (However, these Flintstone Vitamins taste really good!) #StupidSuicidalist

Overdosing on this container of mushrooms will kill me! (Awe damnit! They put peppers on the pizza!) #StupidSuicidalist

I just found the perfect plastic bag to suffocate myself with! (Gotta take out the grapes first…) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m at The Running Of The Bulls to die! (…but the Chicago referees are kicking me off the court!) #StupidSuicidalist

My wife’ll kill me after I confess I cheated 15 years ago! (She says she still sleeps with my Dad!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m gonna shoot guns on the White House lawn! That’ll work! (Awe Man! They’re doing fireworks NOW?!) #StupidSuicidalist

Got myself 3 cases of O’Dules! Time to die the fun way: drunk! (Oh yeah, this will work for sure!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m downtown in the bad section throwing up the wrong gang signs! (Why are people calling me Spock?) #StupidSuicidalist

Watch! I’m gonna go up and slap that raging bull! (Bartender says it only works if you sit on it…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Desperate measures! I’m lying still on the railroad tracks! (Hope I don’t break my son’s train set!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’ve tied the noose knot tight & I’m jumping off the chair! (…I forgot to loop it around my neck!) #StupidSuicidalist

Goodbye world! I’m sticking 2 knives in the outlet! (Oh yeah….I forgot, they cut off my power…) #StupidSuicidalist

I’ve a hose to the exhaust of my car taped to the inside of the window! (Good thing I have a Hybrid!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m on the front lawn with a metal antenna awaiting for lightning! (Wish the snow would go away…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Chop my face with this axe! Here! *THUNK* (Dude! You dented my Mom’s body spray can! I’m in trouble!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m in westside Detroit wearing a cowboy hat & boots! (Apparently no one here in Detroit, TX cares!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’d headbutt a unicorn if I could! (But if I mess up my daughters stuffed animals, she’ll hit me!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to venture through this cave blindfolded! (WOW! IT’S FREEZING IN HERE! Do I smell beer?!) #StupidSuicidalist

Yes, I do have ALL the Suicidal Tendencies! (They’re my sister’s CD’s. I prefer Michael Bolton!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to crash the gate & kick that Wild Stallion! *BING!* (OWE! GODDAMN MERRY-GO-ROUND POLE…!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m sneaking up & going to punch that polar bear! *WHAM!* (Crap, I cut my hand on that Coke bottle!) #StupidSuicidalist

I’m going to rush the crowd, jump in that ring, & bitch-slap Mike Tyson! (…after I beat Glass Joe!) #StupidSuicidalist

I plugged in the radio, filled up the tub, & threw the radio in! (Should I be in the water, too…?) #StupidSuicidalist

Ah-ha! Electrocution by a car battery will kill me! (but I can’t get the AA’s out of this toy car…) #StupidSuicidalist

I bought a gun without a permit, loaded it, & I’m firing at my head! (…and shot water into my ear!) #StupidSuicidalist

That’s it! Forget it! I’m slitting my wrists! (Damn! These butter knives are dull as hell…!) #StupidSuicidalist

Hope you had a chuckle or two! I wrote them for two reasons: 1: to hopefully make someone laugh in the Twitter Universe. 2: I was pondering how to develop this character for a future story, if at all possible. I was successful in both enough to make a person RT a few of them and I got my short story plot for this bumbling man!

Metaphoric Writing Lesson of this blog: In order to make a great snowman, you need to begin with just a simple small snowball. Roll that snowball around for a while. Before you know it, you’ll have your base. Throw around another snowball for a while and find your center. The rest of the snowman is easy detailing work, and before you know it. you are staring at your creation!

Til’ Next Time…


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